Conche a place we all call home!

The Great Northern Peninsula near Plum Point, Route 432 branches off to bring you to the east side of the peninsula. Where you find the small communities of Roddickton, Conche, Main Brook, Bide Arm and Englee surrounded by incredible wilderness. The river systems and large ponds are great places to canoe and there are many very isolated areas that you will be truly away from it all. You can fish for feisty Atlantic salmon in the scheduled rivers and tackle record-sized fish in any numbers of great trout pools surrounded by Tuckamore forests of balsam and fir that hide moose and bear, while caribou move across the high country.

Conche is a small community with a population of about 250 or more on the Northern Peninsula. It is a community with ties to its history, religion, the fishery, and the wildlife.

Most people who catch their first glimpse of Conche from a high hill overlooking the fishing community exclaim "Million dollar view!" Located on the eastern side of Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula, the community offers visitors the warmth and friendly atmosphere associated with rural Newfoundland. Whales breach in the harbour, icebergs drift into the deep water coves and caplin roll on the beaches. It's worth a visit.

Each summer great icebergs, white ice ships glide along our ocean shore, reminders that the Canadian Arctic isn't far away. The Grey Islands host Newfoundland's important woodland caribou nursery - a herd of more than 500 animals - as well as large colonies of Eider ducks, Puffins and Seals. The important Viking settlement of L'anseaux-Meadows is north of Main Brook at St. Anthony, which is also the site of the famous Grenfell Medical Mission.

Conche is made up of mostly Irish descent and we all love our Irish home grown Irish Music and some even grow potatoes as we all read about the Great Potato Famine!

Everyone has some explanation on how Conche got it's name from E.R. Sear who said that Conche is possibly derived from the French Family name Chibon or Chiban, or from the place name Conches, an abbey in Normandy. We just think that's it because Conche is on a peninsula that is shaped like a Conch Shell.

Most everyone in Conche has some ties to the fishery and it was the main livelihood up until the fishery was shut down. People who live in Conche still maintain some of the boats and if your nice to someone they may even take you on a trip to the Gray Islands for a small fee. Some of the people in Conche were former residence of that Island before resettlement! Watching the houses float in the harbour as people came with everything they own, even the house!

Within Conche we have our own names, Stage Cove, Silver Cove, Crouse, Kenny's Cove and Northeast Crouse. Before 1969 the only way to get into Conche was by water and then they built the road. The water around Conche has taken many a great person over the years but that was part of life near the sea.

The people of Conche are a friendly people and if you left to go to the other end it would take you all day as they would all want you to come in for a cup of tea.

We have other places around town that people enjoy the view, The Lookout, Communication tower, Red Cliff, Sailor Jacks, The Glass-Hole and Fox Head. I love to sit out on Fox Head and watch the icebergs, seals, whales, and other sea going creatures along with ships in the distance.

Conche is best explored on foot as it gives you the best feel for the whole community. Don't forget to enjoy and I hope over the next few years the road will be fixed up to give everyone better access.